Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"This is my work and glory...if ye love me feed my sheep.."

Just another day in the life of a Sister misisonary. It's been slightly stressful due to our, (Sister Harrison and I), trainer leaving us to go train a new sister while we train each other. o.O Urch! It's amazing how many tiny details go into missionary work that you don't know about until you suddenly have to do them yourself. (Sorpresa!)

But other than that life is good.

Sister Harrison and I are a companionship now. We've been together since the MTC, two months yesterday. She's probably ther biggest blessing in my life right now. The next weeks would be so much harder without her steadiness. She reminds me to breathe and "consider the lillies" when I start getting tense...or worrying...or getting frustrated. Ah, companionships. There's a reason we go in two's. :)

The best experience of this week was this past friday night. Sister Harrison and I went to a dinner appointment at a less active members house that we had almost considered cancelling. The couple in particular doesn't have much food, and we didn't want to make things harder for them. Nevertheless, we went anyways and brought a small side dish to share. When we walked in the door the first thing we noticed was Brother St. G in his white shirt and tie, grinning proudly from ear to ear. The second thing we noticed was that Sister St. G had tried her very hardest to clean up the living room, and set the table with a cloth, napkins, and ceramic plates. The plates were mismatched, and the meal was simple, but it was one of the most humbling experiences I've had to date. Sister Harrison and I talked about it afterwards, and we both said we felt the Spirit so strongly we knew the Lord was pleased with their efforts.

Uh! Life is just so good as a missionary. It really is. We're working with an eight year old boy and his mother right now. She's less active, but he wants to be baptized so badly he asked Sister Harrison and I to come teach him. It's so good.

 I can't think of anything else to say. But I hope everyone reading this is having as great a day as I am.
Keep on keepin' on, friends.

With love, from Can-Win.

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