Contact me!

Alright ya'll! Ifin' yer wanting to contact me here's your how to.

While I'm at the MTC this will be my address:  Sister Taegan Christina Hutchinson
                                                                       MTC Mailbox # 211
                                                                       CAN-WIN 0403
                                                                       2005 N 900 E
                                                                       Provo, UT 84604-1793

Should you like to send a package, or aren't sure what my Canada address is, send it to my mission office. The address is here: Sister Taegan Christina Hutchinson
                               Canada Winnipeg Mission
                               845 Shaftsbury Blvd
                               Winnipeg MB R3P OM5

If you would like to email me my address is this:

My lovely editor will add addresses as I go, but these are the ones that won't change. :) Hope it helps!!

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  1. So great to hear your story Taegan. Would you have had iyour trip any other way? So like you and besides, it gives you one more story to do with what you do best, write! Keep being Taegan and all others around you will surely be blessed. We will as we always have keep you in our daily thoughts and prayers. We look forward to new stories of your adventures. Love always, Grandma and Grandpa