Monday, July 7, 2014

"If you find it's me you're missing..."

Life moves on, and I move with it.

This week I will be leaving my beloved Wildwood SK, for the great familiar Winnipeg. There are pros and cons to this. The biggest are these: I have so many people I loved and left in Winnipeg that I will get to see again...I have so many people I love and will leave here.

My heart is totally torn in two.

So this one goes out to Saskatoon:

You were so good. After having just a hard time, and not really knowing what I was doing, or how I fit, you helped me figure it out. You helped put me back in contact with the God I felt so far from, just by loving me as He does. I know some of you might be snickering and shaking your heads, but it's true. You were so very good to me, and I loved every crazy minute.

So this one is for all the Friday night dinners we spent laughing, talking, watching performances put on by Snippy Snap, and drinking quite a bit of pop. This is for all those Tuesday morning laundry visits, and long conversations about everything over lunch. (And that husband that stalks missionary blogs!) This one goes out to all those families that took my companion and I in and let us exchange service for family time. You'll never know just how much that kept us sane. This is for those rounds of Phase 10, fixing the kitchen, going to game night, going to the temple, and all the ways you let me serve you.

This post is pretty much one HUGE big thank you to everyone in the Wildwood ward who loved me, joked with me, gave me things, memories, and advice.

I cant even tell you how much of my heart I'm leaving with you.

I'm gonna miss you all like crazy.

With love, from a Wild Sister