Tuesday, April 30, 2013

`Winnipeg to Saskatoon, with a vineyard still to prune..`

First order of business. I would greatly love to be put into contact with the following people:

Douglas Benjamin Speck
Tyler James Froelich

Could one of you who reads this be a dear and get me their emails....please. Thanks! You`re a peach.

So today's topic of conversation is missionary work!! (Big surprise there..)

But more importantly, in the ideal missionary situation, missionaries are helping MEMBERS do missionary work. Missionaries are called to teach. That is our calling. We are to teach, and guide. It is the member responsibility to fellowship and retain the fruits of our labors. Missionaries are temporary, we come and go in a snap. That, and we cannot carry the weight of missionary work ourselves. Members should be looking for people to share the gospel with, and talking with everyone. It is in their homes that investigators should be taught, that way investigators have that extra person to latch on to, another way they can find answers to their questions. It is SO HARD as a missionary to try and teach investigators when the ward is not willing to help.

Please, oh please, if you`re a member help your missionaries with the work. Make sure that they are doing what they`re supposed to. Encourage them to WORK! I also invite you to read through Preach My Gospel, especially chapter 13 about the ward and missionaries. It`s so wonderful.

Also, for all those reading who are family members that are NOT LDS, I encourage you to find missionaries in your own area and just talk to them about what it is I`m our here doing. If that thought doesn`t sit too well with you, then I invite you to go to Mormon.org or LDS.org and read some of the articles from General Conference. Find out why I`m out here. Discover what it is I`m teaching. Learn about what I`ll be doing for the next 18 months of my life, and why I`m doing it. :)

I hope you`re all doing marvelously. Keep fighting the good fight!

With love from Can-Win

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