Monday, February 10, 2014

"I Hate it When She's Right..."

Dear fellow Virginians and everyone else,
It's been quite a while since I've posted things, and that is mostly due to all of the emails I have been receiving on a weekly basis. It's the BEST! So keep it up. :) Missionary life hasn't changed, and has. I think it has to do with the length of time you've spent on your mission. Missionaries look at missions like a teeny tiny game of life.
Your MTC experience is the Premortal life. There you learn all you'll need to help you navigate the mission field (life). From there you are born to a loving father or mother (your trainer) who will show you by example how to live a good life, (or have a good mission). When you're old enough, or well trained enough you get to go off on your own, experience missionary work and play around with what works and doesn't work not only for you but your area. The way you teach changes as you get older. Then one day you're blessed with a kid, a sweet lil missionary who's green as grass, wide eyed and looking to you to lead them safely through the field. There's pressure to do well, frustration, worry, and love. Because they're yours, your little bean that you get to help raise with lots of help from the Lord. And then after you live a good life...YOU DIE!
But it's ok, because waiting for you on the other side is a marvelous life of college, jobs, marriage, and all that other adult stuff.
I am now raising my third little bean. :) She's taking to missionary life like a fish takes to water. But I'm older, missionarily speaking, and training her is different than training the other 2. I look at things very different than she does because I've been here longer. She won't and doesn't always understand why I do the things I do, or why I say the things I do, but I get it now. Because once upon a time I was in her shoes, and I didn't understand my trainer.
I do now.
So within this twisted little Plan of Salvation parallel, I'd like to give a shout out to all the Moms and Dads reading this: You weren't crazy. You knew best. And we're grateful to have been led by parents like you.
After all these things, all these life lessons and crazy moments I've had thus far on my mission, one thought keeps coming back to me: "I hate it when she's right."
I love you.
Be good. Be safe, everyone. Be faithful!!!
With love, from Can-Win

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