Monday, January 20, 2014

That moment when you realize you're a grown up. But for reals.


Today I got an email from my Mama that said one of my very dear friends from my childhood would be getting married in May. Now I don't want to name name's because that would be rude.....
But shout out to Sarah K for getting engaged!!!!!!!!!
You win some, you lose some, eh? :)
So that's 6/8 for my childhood/teenage friends from church. (Does anyone know if Justin's engaged yet, cause that would make it 7/8) All my school friends are tying the knot and sending me invitations, and being all ridiculous and adorable. Then there's me in Minnesota, freezing my tights off, and trying to teach people about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
And as I sat here geeking out in the public library I thought to myself, "Hey, this makes me a grown up doesn't it? Aw maaaaan!"
If I didn't think I was one before, this new engagement seals the deal. I'm old, and I'm an adult....mostly. :))
It was a bit of a mind blowing moment, but I'm happy.
Right now.
In this moment.
I am happy.
:) I hope all of you have found something to be happy about today.
With love, from Can-Win

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