Monday, January 20, 2014

"Have Some Candy"


This week's email is going to be short because I fail at life and forgot that I haven't written in forever!
This Christmas brought surprise visits from Santa, candy wars with the elders next door, lots of hot chocolate, Wreck It Ralph, phone calls home, and my birthday! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!
In light of the holiday that has past but the New Year that will be here in a few days, I invite you to think of one thing to give the Savior this coming year. It could be reading your scriptures everyday, it could be being nice to that one guy at work who just reeeallly gets under your skin, it could be bringing someone else closer to Christ by inviting them to church. It could be so many things! But think of something, and make plans!
For myself I've decided to adopt the motto "Kindness is free!" and be more kind to ALL of God's children. Even the ones that drive me more than a little crazy. :)
I love you all!
Be good! Be happy! And don't look back, look to the future! Like President Monson says, it's as bright as your faith.
WIth love, from Can-Win


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