Sunday, December 8, 2013

"Sometimes I can't see past what's on the surface..."

This past week nothing huge happened, no game changing life lesson was discovered, and no angels ministered to the people as we taught of Jesus Christ. This week was made up of little things, the kind of things we refer to in the Church as the basics.
My companion learned to study the scriptures a little more carefully, to read a little more earnestly.
I learned to love a little more easily, to judge a little less frequently.
And we learned together how to serve more willingly.
This is what my week has been made up of and I'm grateful for those little lessons. It seems like as a missionary you hit a point where you become a little more hardhearted, a little more cyncical as you've been out longer, and seen very similar stories in multiple places.
You can't judge the one by the other, and honestly it's just not very Christlike. So I've been working extra hard with the Lord in softening my heart. It helps knowing that Nephi prayed for this very thing too. Apparently I'm in good company. :)
That's pretty much it from the The Icebox of the Nation. Other than that I am just being Sisterly, helping in parades, coaxing small children to be friends with me, and trying to stand as a witness.
It takes effort to do that. I'm not always the best, but I try. The Lord knows that.
Anyways, I love you all!!!! Be good!
Shout out to the London ward, I miss you!!!!!! Mucho. :))
With Love from Can-Win.
"..but He helps me understand the depth of my purpose."

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