Monday, March 17, 2014

"Aren't you going to teach about God or something? You're missionaries!!"

Last night I had the opportunity to teach one of the most hilarious 6 year olds I've ever met. The Elders, my companion and I stopped by to see a single mom so I could say goodbye before I left. (Oh yeah, I got transferred.) As we're talking to Sister K, her son breaks in and says "Aren't you going to teach about God or something?" When we all turned to him he just shrugged his shoulders and said, "You're missionaries."
Yup. We are missionaries. And sometimes we forget that people really do watch us with expectations, to see if our walk matches our talk. I'm so grateful for Seth, and his amazing little spirit. I swear that kid's gonna be the prophet one day. :)
This week I am saying goodbye once again to the motherland, and being shipped off to the western side of Canada. I was transferred to Saskatoon,(commonly known as Toon Town amongst the missionaries.)
Oh Cana-diaaaa.....
So for those of you who have sent things to my Minnesota address, send things no more!!! It's back to the mission office address for letters, packages, and other snail mail type things.
Minnesota has brought some grand adventures, here are a few of my favorites:
There was the time we had a sliding contest in the middle of the road with the Elders. #ElderNattresscheated
There was that other time where Sister Christensen and I ran and launched ourselves onto the high drifts of snow. #snowiscold #almosthadhypothermia
Then there was that excellent time where I met amazing people, and got to teach them about the Savior, God, and the gospel of repentance. #JesuslovesJesussaves
Oh, and then there was that time when we drove on the ice roads. #scary
I will miss Minnesota, and not just because dairy and oreos are cheap. I will miss walking into a branch building where I know everyone, and where everyone knows me. I will miss Monday night dinners with the Wojdans, and Tuesday night dinners at the Withers. I will miss dropping by unexpectedly to visit Sister Funk, and walking into Hardee's and hearing "Here comes trouble." I will miss Sunday dinners, and Thursdays at the Food Shelf. I will miss Arden, and Amber, and Fame, and Lisa, and downtown, and Sis Fox, and The Burkmans.
I love International Falls. I'm sad I have to go.
But when the Lord calls, you go. So I am packing up my room, (which is a lot harder than it sounds, so much stuff!), and kissing the stars and stripes goodbye!
It's been real, America.
With love, from Can-Win

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