Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"This is really volleyball!!!!!" -Sis Smith

 Nothing gets a missionary fired up like sports. It's the one time we can take our skirts and ties off, and expend some serious pent up energy. (Not the we have a reservoir of energy to use, it's just that that's about as close to normal feeling as we can get. So we get a little crazy.)

Recently we've been trading in our soccer nets for a volleyball, and THAT has been so fun. Nothing like a bunch of missionaries who don't really know the rules, who only kind of understand what's going on. Basically it's a free for all on each side of the net, and points are scored if the opposite team misses. :) That's it, that's all.

One thing that I've noticed and really loved is one phrase that has seemed to become our mantra for sports and missionary life: "Play on!"

If the ball hits the ceiling, it's fine! "Play on!" If you hit the volleyball with your head and it goes over, perfect! "Play on!" If you hit it more than three times before it goes over, who cares?! "Play on!"

Here's the moral of the story: When you hit a bump in the road, play on! When you mess up a little, (or a lot), play on! That's what the Atonement is for! It was never about how many times you fell, but how many times you got back up and kept. moving. forward.

Is it hard? Yes. Do you sometimes feel like throwing in the towel? Yes. But that's part of life; learning, growing, and coming out the better for it.

So, dear readers, keep those heads high.
Work out your problems with the Lord.
And don't forget to play on. :)

With love, from Can-Win

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