Sunday, November 10, 2013

Oh, Hey There America!


So transfer calls came and I've been moved to International Falls, Minnesota. WEIRD! (Not the place, but the fact that I'm serving a Canadian mission in the states.) My companion and I are really excited!

Thursday was Transfer Day.

Friday was Sisters Conference.

Saturday, Sister Christensen and I drove 5 and a half hours from Winterpeg to I Falls. And the best part of that trip?


Apparently, two young females wearing badges that say "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" and a backseat full of luggage is very shifty. :) So they stopped us, made us get out, and searched our car. Haha. It was the best!
Anyways, a half hour later we finally are stateside and make our way over to I Falls.
So here I am! Stateside! Talking to people about Jesus and trying not to freeze to death. :)

Shout out to my little sister who turned 15 today. Congrats Contessa, you're OLD!

Alright I'm outta time. Love you all, mucho!!!
With love, from Can-Win

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