Monday, June 24, 2013

"Wait on the Lord, be of good courage.."

Alright friends, so I know I've been a little MIA, but there's been a lot going on. My companion is transfering to a new ward and I will be training a new missionary fresh from the MTC. Can you say "Ahhh!"? :) It's been really hard watching SIster Harrison say goodbye to everyone, especially knowing I'll be her last one in this area. Ew.

Other than that life is pretty grand. The weather has been beautiful, our investigators haven't been ditching our appointments nearly as much, and the work is just mocing along quite nicely. If any of you haven't had the chance to watch the "Work of Salvation" broadcast, I highly recommend it. It's not just for the missionaries, but for the members and ward leaders. So good!

M.J., our baptismal date is progressing beautifully, and she's so excited to be baptized! I'll send pictures of that home for all of you to see. :)) We have two other investigators we're working with, and more on the way. (Hopefully)

This week's topic has been trust/patience with the Lord. There are days it's so hard for me to realize that everything happens in the Lord's time. His timetable is the only one that matters, regardless of how I think or feel. I have investigators or people I know and I just want to run up to them and shout "BE BAPTIZED! THE GOSPEL IS GOOD! YOU'LL LOVE IT!" But you know, that's probably not the greatest idea. I just want so badly for everyone to feel the joy I do, to know the things that I know, because when you do life becomes a lot less scary. There's nothing quite like the love of the Savior.

But really.

So go and study the Atonement sometime this week. I promise that as you do so, you feel feel the love of your God and Savior, and oh! is it a wonderful feeling.

 I love you all. Be safe. Be happy.

 With love from Can-Win

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